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Revenue Cycle Ai
Revenue Cycle Ai
Designed For
  • Health Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Physician Groups/ Practices

An Ai powered charge capture and audit solution for Health Systems and Physician Groups

Revenue Cycle Ai is a SaaS based, predictive analytic solution that uses machine learning algorithms to find missing charges and present them in a prioritized manner.


What’s in it for you?

Pattern Based Machine Learning

Our pattern based system goes beyond typical rule based, if-then models to identify hidden patterns and detect missing charges. The system learns and adjusts automatically from auditor feedback, maintaining a feedback loop for continuous learning.

No IT hurdles

Our system is a SaaS web-based app with seamless integration with existing systems such as Epic or Meditech.

Reviews 100% of Patient Invoices + Prioritized

To maximize auditors productivity, Revenue Cycle Ai reviews 100% of patient invoices and prioritizes each account based on the amount of the missing charge and finds the accounts with the highest potential return.

Increased Auditor Productivity

Revenue Cycle Ai increases auditor productivity by providing a simple user interface that allows them to start each day with a prioritized list of patient accounts. With this list, they're able to efficiently submit corrections and provide feedback. Managers can evaluate the productivity of their auditors performance and redirect invoices to the most effective auditors.

3-4 Week Implementation

Revenue Cycle Ai is fully implemented within 4 weeks, proving rapid ROI in no time!

If you have data, we have a solution.

We have an array of ways we implement AI and ML to benefit your business. Oh and really smart folks to assist you along the way. Let us know what your interest is and we can talk.