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Missing No More: A machine learning solution to the missed charges problem

Customers use ElectrifAi RevenueAi to identify, resolve and reduce missed charges – shouldn’t you be able too?

What is the current state of the healthcare revenue cycle?
Coding and billing are getting more complicated as caring for patients becomes ever more complex. There are thousands of new surgical techniques, new devices, new diagnostic methods, new drugs, and new personalized medicine approaches flooding the market every year.

Learn how you can leverage artificial intelligence to:

  • Apply machine learning algorithms to learn from complex charging patterns and predict missed charges at account level for both hospital and professional charges
  • Deploy a web-based application to enable end-to-end workflow for account audits, charge capture and integration with their billing system
  • Integrate with a variety of Epic EHR systems in different regions for a fully automated process
  • Leverage feedback models to learn from auditors’ responses and make predictions “smarter”

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