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Ai-Powered Workforce Management

WorkforceAi Suite provides you a comprehensive workforce planning platform that includes SpyglassAi, a workforce management product and EllipticalAi, a workforce development product. We transform your massive data into actionable workforce insights with industry leading practical Ai and ML to manage and optimize your workforce.


Enabling a faster approach to workforce development harnessing the power of Ai and ML.
  • Automated onboarding: new hires can onboard themselves
  • Easy employee management: employees can update their own records, ensuring up-to-date data
  • Learn from your workforce: full transparency across from your teams
  • Talent tracking and exploration by domain, industry and past experience
  • User-friendly interface

Intelligent workforce management with practical Ai and ML.
  • Account P&L: detail view of revenues, cost breakdowns, resource utilization at project, contract and account level
  • Internal forecasting: operational headcount planning, identify gaps across critical job roles
  • Conduct analysis, identify and reduce workforce risks
  • Financial analysis: compare financial results
  • Time and scheduling: advanced time off and employee scheduling
  • User-friendly interface

If you have data, we have a solution.

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