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ImageAi Suite

Unlock the data in medical images with high precision, low cost and fast automation

PulmoAi CT

PulmoAi dramatically increases radiologist efficiency, improving radiological outcomes by aiding interpretation of pulmonary exams.

Coronavirus patients lack tests. Radiologists are short on time. PulmoAi CT solves both problems now during this time of dire, expansive need.

PulmoAi CT is an advanced image analytic product designed specifically for pulmonary CT-scan analyses. Combining Practical Ai, Machine Learning (ML), and image processing technology developed for the current crisis, our product does what no other solution can. PulmoAi automatically segments pulmonary scans pixel by pixel, without the blurring or distortion experienced with similar technologies. The result: crisply rendered 3D imagery—enabling the immediate identification of indications for tumors, nodules, COVID-19, and other anomalies.

With speed, clarity, and accuracy, PulmoAi CT enables radiologists to diagnose a higher volume of patients in a fraction of the time. Analyze more scans, deliver faster diagnoses, and dramatically improve your care.

Clear feature views, metrics-based monitoring

With PulmoAi CT, radiologists can easily zoom in on pulmonary details, viewing them side-by-side with both clinical analyses and original images. PulmoAi CT quantifies each lung feature with precise metrics, including feature size, and morphological and volumetric extent. This enables the careful monitoring of anomaly progression, even in the presence of multiple morbidities.

PulmoAi X-ray

Physicians in the US are using X-rays to triage patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Despite showing symptoms some are sent home, only to return within 24 hours requiring immediate intubation and emergency care, suffering from lung capacities as low as 30%. Rapid X-ray tests are missing something crucial.

PulmoAi X-ray directly addresses the use of X-rays in crisis zones today. Adapting to the specific challenges of the pandemic, PulmoAi X-ray goes a step further than distinguishing healthy lungs from COVID-19-infected lungs. The cloud-based solution identifies the crucial differences between coronavirus-positive patients sent home who recover safely, and those sent home who return in need of intubation. Pretrained on pulmonary scans from hospitals in crisis zones, PulmoAi X-ray leverages deep learning neural network technologies to identify critical abnormalities associated with COVID-19.

Using PulmoAi X-ray is simple: Upload an X-ray from a web browser, and PulmoAi X-ray outputs a percentage score in under 1 minute—alerting you to the likelihood of recidivism when considered with other clinical factors.

If you have data, we have a solution.

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