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Supercharge student recruiting and success

At ElectrifAi, we know Ai and ML can transform the higher education experience.

EducationAi uses artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (ML) to look at key academic, admissions and student performance indicators to solve your education institution’s most complex admissions challenges during this unprecedented economic educational cycle.

Conveniently and seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, EducationAi is a practical, fast solution that informs smarter admissions decisions.

See the impact of EducationAi

EducationAi is a technology that delivers contextual, predictive insights derived from student academic patterns that enable higher education institutions to precisely identify and target opportunities for improved recruitment and enrollment, long-term student retention and tailored academic experiences.

With a set of customizable, turnkey ML models that sifts through a broad range of admissions and market data, EducationAi forecasts which students will be most successful in the institution or program.

  • Grow enrollment to schools and individual programs
  • Recruit from and to the optimal mix of geographic and online locations
  • Maintain or improve all metrics while growing enrollment (placement, scores, etc.)
  • Improve long-term student retention to prevent the detrimental financial impact of lost tuition

If you have data, we have a solution.

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