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Reimagining the future for Travel with effective Ai and ML products.



The global travel industry is growing strongly over the coming years with ever-increasing amounts of detailed customer data being created. Customers want increased personalization which provides an enhanced travel experience.

Our Ai and ML products are used by some of the leading travel and hospitality groups to effectively:

  • Predict customer behavior and intent to improve personalization
  • Improve customer retention
  • Boost the customer experience and guarantee fast response times
  • Analyze data for unique and actionable insights

The range of travel providers, such as airlines, hotels, agencies and travel aggregators can now use our Ai and ML products to improve operational agility and drive improved business decisions.



ProcurementAi suite is a SaaS solution that combines the power of artificial intelligence with deep domain expertise and transforms spend and contract data into actionable insights.



SpendAi leverages the power of machine learning to identify more spend patterns and saving opportunities than other technologies can and does so with greater accuracy.



ContractAi reads and understands contractual language and clauses that are all-too-often inaccessible—giving you deep and detailed visibility into your supplier relationships while uncovering hidden risk.



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