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Create successful customer experiences and operations with Ai and machine learning. Make smarter decisions by rapidly iterating, cleansing, and activating insights from a diverse range of customer data, interaction patterns, and market data from third parties.

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Refine personalized targeting and dramatically improve the customer journey to increase Customer Lifetime Value and reduce churn.


Transmit content in real-time to improve customer experience, enrich ad sales through targeted ad insertions, and prevent email opt-out.


Forecasting demand and optimizing schedules helps to either help control crowds or increase attendance to maximize revenue.

Use Cases

Use Cases That Make Us Different

  • Next Best Offer

    Knowing what product, a customer would like and presenting an offer for that product is the best way to make a sale. Machine learning models determine the right product to recommend to a customer based on the customer’s past purchase behavior.

  • Marketing

    Using the right marketing technique to draw in potential clients can be tricky. People have many options to choose from in the telecommunications industry and competition can be fierce. Machine learning can determine the right technique for personalized marketing efforts. Do you want to upsell/crosssell products or services to an existing customer? What about deriving the customer’s lifetime value to know how much marketing effort to use? Should you use a promotion propensity campaign (upgrade rate plan, upgrade device, add a line, etc.) to keep the customer interested? There are many ways to keep customers interested and keep revenue flowing by using machine learning.

  • Churn Mitigation

    Enticing customers to stay long-term with excellent customer service is important to keep them from jumping ship to the competition. Customers who feel neglected or that the experience has gone stale will begin to shop around. With ElectrifAi’s predictive analytics machine learning models, bring churn mitigation to a whole new level by knowing in advance those customers likely to churn and target strategies to keep churn from happening.

  • Personalization

    Customer engagement starts with personal attention. Customers want to feel like they aren’t just a number in a database. Personalizing offers and following up with the customer after purchase is crucial to retaining long-term satisfied customers. Machine learning can optimize personalization efforts by analyzing patterns of behavior, spend, demographics, and more.

  • Pricing Optimization

    Price optimization is an important tool to remain competitive while also earning a profit. Optimizing prices should be used to meet customer expectations in response to supply and demand. Many factors must be considered to find the best price and can be a tedious task if processed manually. Machine learning can make this process much easier and far more accurate.

  • Demand Forecasting

    Telecommunication companies need to accurately predict the demand for products and services to keep up with customer expectations. Competition is fierce in this industry and maintaining consistent product supply and quality service is crucial to retaining customers. Machine learning can help predict demand through demand forecasting analysis. Keeping customers satisfied builds brand loyalty and continued revenue growth.

  • Spend and Contract Management

    Telecommunication companies have many customer and supplier contracts and invoices to analyze. But why manually process tedious contracts and invoices when most tasks can be automated? Machine learning can help extract key terms to indicate when contracts expire, renew, or when they should be renegotiated. Machine learning can also help to spot invoice inconsistencies, such as a suspicious amount or a wrong due date based on the terms in the contract.


Gilles Louwerens

Head of Customer & Business Intelligence, OXIO

With ElectrifAi's solutions, OXIO will be able to serve its customers with the best-in-class Data Science and AI capabilities, unmatched in the telecommunications industry today. ElectrifAi's AI capabilities will help OXIO reshape the telecommunications industry as we know it by opening the door to completely new business models, and we are looking forward to broadening this cooperation into other fields.

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