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ElectrifAi is transforming the retail industry and enhancing customer loyalty with effective Ai and ML products.

Retail and CPG
Retail and CPG


According to Deloitte’s 2020 Retail Industry Outlook for retailers, understanding how consumer expectations evolve has never been more important, especially with the convergence of supply chain, digital technologies and other innovations. Expectations around outstanding customer service and convenience coupled with a very challenging economic environment where trade wars, online competition and changing habits are leading to some tough tradeoff discussions by retailers.

Our Ai and ML products are used by retailers to effectively:

•Analyze huge data sets to increase revenue, streamline and automate purchasing and inventory control based on predicted customer behaviors

•Send targeted and personalized campaigns to your customers

•Help consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry stay relevant in a fast-changing and disruptive environment

•Identify changing patterns in data and output decisions to drive success and revenue



SpendAi leverages the power of machine learning to identify more spend patterns and saving opportunities than other technologies can and does so with greater accuracy.



ContractAi reads and understands contractual language and clauses that are all-too-often inaccessible—giving you deep and detailed visibility into your supplier relationships while uncovering hidden risk.


Customer Engagement Models

Transform marketing and customer engagement by injecting Machine Learning insights that deliver more personalized and effective campaign and CX.

You have data, we have solutions!

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