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An experience-led industry, Media and Entertainment companies must compete for customer attention and retention with amazing experiences.

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Develop an agile business model with quick and precise machine learning solutions to develop customized customer experiences.


Improve business processes to stay agile and remain ahead of the competition by accurately predicting customer desires.


Advanced marketing techniques drive targeted campaigns to attract the most interest from potential clients and increase demand.

Use Cases

Use Cases That Make Us Different

  • Marketing

    Media and Entertainment companies succeed based off excellent customer experiences. Effective marketing enables those companies to reach out to potential customers and keep current customers informed about events and opportunities. Machine learning makes the marketing effort much more accurate by targeting specific campaigns to the right people. Using behavior, spend, and demographic data, machine learning knows who would be most likely to attend the latest opening of a media venue or to see a show.

  • Personalization

    Personalizing offers increases the likelihood a customer will take the offer. Additionally, personalization creates an excellent customer experience as the customer feels the company knows them and cares about their continued patronage. Machine learning can accurately determine how to personalize offers by analyzing behavior, spend, and demographic data to truly understand what the customer would appreciate the most.

  • Demand Forecasting

    Media and Entertainment companies need the most patronage to be successful. Predicting attendance on a show, for example, can help the company know if additional marketing is needed to increase attendance or if more timeslots should be added to meet demand. Machine learning can help accurately predict attendance through demand forecasting analysis. Know how popular a show will be in advance and plan accordingly to get the most revenue flow.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Supply and demand are something Media and Entertainment companies must consider. A dynamic pricing strategy can help solve fluctuating supply and demand problems by changing the price of a show or venue rental to meet consumer demand. Machine learning is the best way to leverage pricing power. ElectrifAi machine learning models have proven to be very capable at producing reliable results through deep domain expertise, helping companies increase revenue risk.

  • Spend and Contract Management

    Media and Entertainment companies have many customer and supplier contracts and invoices to analyze. But why manually process tedious contracts and invoices when most tasks can be automated? Machine learning can help extract key terms to indicate when contracts expire, renew, or when they should be renegotiated. Machine learning can also help to spot invoice inconsistencies, such as a suspicious amount or a wrong due date based on the terms in the contract.