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Healthcare data volume and complexity is growing exponentially creating a demand on healthcare across the full ecosystem.

What is needed is useful insights from the data – whether understanding the relationships between provider contracts and health plan billing to locating an abnormality in a medical image accurately in order to accelerate a diagnosis and treatment.

The burden on all aspects of healthcare workers is daunting. While the quality of care is improving, the cost to administer the care is increasing largely due to the explosive data growth in this industry.

More diagnostic codes, more reimbursement options, more medical images, more sensors ...Help is needed to find patterns and insights within all of this data.

We have been applying Ai and ML for fifteen years in healthcare helping our clients:

  • Increase profit through accurate billing
  • Reduce fraud, waste and abuse
  • Improve working capital
  • Help clinicians make better diagnosis decisions
  • Steer patients to the optimal point of service for care


ProcurementAi suite is a SaaS solution that combines the power of artificial intelligence with deep domain expertise and transforms spend and contract data into actionable insights.



RevenueAi is a SaaS based, predictive analytic solution that harnesses the power of machine learning (ML) to identify, prioritize, and predict missed charges—revolutionizing the integrity of your revenue cycle.



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