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Engage, Control, Collect. Drive Results with Practical AI and ML.



We work with our customers and partners to help them engage with patients, control spend and identify missed charges. Driving profit, performance improvement and risk reduction.

We can accelerate business decisions with our enterprise solutions. At ElectrifAi, we have been applying AI and ML for sixteen years in healthcare helping our clients quickly drive time-to-value acceleration:



Patient Engagement

Better identify and engage with your patients throughout their patient journey

  • Build awareness with target patients to optimize care
  • Contextually understand patients and their conditions to better direct care
  • Address prescription adherence to positively impact health outcomes
Demand Forecasting

Target your patients with precision

  • Targeting by identifying the most attractive prospects, the best channels for reaching them and the best times to target them
  • Continuously tailor and connect both inbound and outbound patient acquisition
Smart Scheduling

Improve patient scheduling

  • Leverage actionable insights for smart scheduling
  • Tailor scheduling to customer lifecycle goals
  • Identify optimal timing for structuring communication across marketing channels



Transform raw spend data into accurate, actionable insights using practical machine learning

  • Generate significant cost saving opportunities from applying machine learning to combined spend and contract data
  • Discover negotiated rebates hidden in contracts and compare to spend data
  • Bridge the gap between what happened versus what should have happened



Identify, prioritize, and predict missed charges—revolutionizing the integrity of your revenue cycle

  • PRIORITIZES YOUR DAILY WORKLOAD: Confirm and resolve missed charges that yield the highest returns at the most efficient rate
  • USER-FRIENDLY DASHBOARDS: Display top-performing auditors. Identify and adapt best practices to improve lower performing departments
  • ROBUST PAYER CONTRACT ANALYSIS: Produces knowledge of unique payer relationships, trends and outcomes
  • AUTOMATIC DATA VISUALIZATION: Provides a comprehensive view of departments, auditor and hospital performances – for greater transparency

PulmoAi X-ray

Physicians in the US are using X-rays to triage patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Despite showing symptoms some are sent home, only to return within 24 hours requiring immediate intubation and emergency care, suffering from lung capacities as low as 30%. Rapid X-ray tests are missing something crucial.

PulmoAi X-ray directly addresses the use of X-rays in crisis zones today. Adapting to the specific challenges of the pandemic, PulmoAi X-ray goes a step further than distinguishing healthy lungs from COVID-19-infected lungs. The cloud-based solution identifies the crucial differences between coronavirus-positive patients sent home who recover safely, and those sent home who return in need of intubation. Pre-trained on pulmonary scans from hospitals in crisis zones, PulmoAi X-ray leveraging deep learning neural network technologies to identify critical abnormalities associated with COVID-19.

Using PulmoAi X-ray is simple: Upload an X-ray from a web browser, and PulmoAi X-ray outputs a percentage score in under 1 minute—alerting you to the likelihood of recidivism when considered with other clinical factors.

If you have data, we have a solution.

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