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Transforming Government with effective Ai and ML products.



Federal Government Organizations

Federal government organizations are focusing on improving services for citizens while struggling with budget restrictions and legislation. Organizations process large volumes of data every day, much of it manually and manual processes slow down employees and the services they provide.

Federal organizations are tasked with reducing spend, becoming more efficient while also increasing productivity. Ai and ML supports the transformation of organizations, giving insights into data, faster, better and more efficiently.

State Agencies

Transforming State Government and improving operational efficiency with practical Ai and Machine Learning products.

State agencies are adopting new and innovative technology platforms faster than ever before. Streamlined procurement vehicles through NASPO and the need for addressing self-service service requirements and data aggregation are enabling and driving this need for quicker reactions by Cabinet Level Secretaries, Directors and Departmental CIOs.


Federal Government Organizations

Here is how our practical Ai and ML models can solve specific problems in the government industry:

  • CPARS and RFP process
  • Contract funds management
  • Payment integrity and payment error versus fraud
  • Fraud waste and abuse
  • Program performance, program integrity and health of program
  • Spend rate
  • Reallocation of funds, vendor management and procurement
  • Scope of work comparisons

State Agencies

ElectrifAi’s products and machine learning models can help State agencies achieve your objectives in the following areas:

State CIOs

  • Innovate through predictive algorithms and machine learning (ML) without the expense of a platform that requires years of customization to realize value
  • Increase Data Quality through data cleansing and aggregation, focusing on creating action and better outcomes
  • Reduce project delivery timeframes with faster time to market for your agency customers and see the value of the data in 4-6 weeks, not 4-6 months
  • Manage PMO efficiency and effectiveness with better insight into resource availability and allocation, project timeline adherence and both contract and contractor performance

State Procurement Agencies

  • Improve service to your inter-agency and county partners through better visibility and transparency
  • Increase purchasing power by taking advantage of greater volume discounting
  • Create transparency through aggregated data views and vendor consolidation
  • Maximize adherence to contractual terms and get the discounts you have earned
  • Increase reporting by identifying what should have happened and reconciling against what actually occurred

State Pension Funds

  • Enhance returns and reduce risk with actionable insights for better portfolio management
  • Aggregate transparency to allocate capital efficiently
  • Improve efficiency by focusing on alpha-generating activities and aggregate exposure and active positions
  • State University Systems: Increase graduation rates using machine learning in the screening of applications

State University Systems

  • Increase graduation rates using machine learning in the screening of applications
  • Reduce spend through consolidated views of expenditures
  • Innovate with cutting-edge Ai visualization teaching tools


SpendAi leverages the power of machine learning to identify more spend patterns and saving opportunities than other technologies can and does so with greater accuracy.



ContractAi reads and understands contractual language and clauses that are all-too-often inaccessible—giving you deep and detailed visibility into your supplier relationships while uncovering hidden risk.


Customer Engagement Models

Transform marketing and customer engagement by injecting Machine Learning insights that deliver more personalized and effective campaign and CX.



WorkforceAi leverages artificial intelligence (Ai) to match human workforce capabilities to the company’s need to optimize profitability. Our solution offers a clear, crisp, and data-driven lens into the employees’ skills, experiences, and schedules, along with consistent and constant feedback loops; then, it goes a step further: providing practical Ai to create executive dashboards for projects, products and work assignments that provide views into enhance resource utilization, revenue, and profitability.



Unlock the data in medical images with high precision, low cost and fast automation.

PulmoAi CT is an advanced image analytic product designed specifically for pulmonary CT-scan analyses. Combining Practical Ai, Machine Learning (ML), and image processing technology developed for the current crisis, our product does what no other solution can. PulmoAi automatically segments pulmonary scans pixel by pixel, without the blurring or distortion experienced with similar technologies. The result: crisply rendered 3D imagery—enabling the immediate identification of indications for tumors, nodules, COVID-19, and other anomalies.

PulmoAi X-ray directly addresses the use of X-rays in crisis zones today. Adapting to the specific challenges of the pandemic, PulmoAi X-ray goes a step further than distinguishing healthy lungs from COVID-19-infected lungs. The cloud-based solution identifies the crucial differences between coronavirus-positive patients sent home who recover safely, and those sent home who return in need of intubation. Pretrained on pulmonary scans from hospitals in crisis zones, PulmoAi X-ray leverages deep learning neural network technologies to identify critical abnormalities associated with COVID-19.



EducationAi uses artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning (ML) to look at key academic, admissions, and student performance indicators.

EducationAi solves your education institution’s most complex admissions challenges during this unprecedented economic education cycle. Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, EducationAi is a practical, convenient and fast solution to help you make smarter admissions decisions.

If you have data, we have a solution.

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