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Transforming portfolio allocation decisions with effective Ai and ML products.

Financial Services
Financial Services


We help our financial services partners extract and analyze massive amounts of disparate data in both structured and unstructured formats and turn it into actionable insights. We begin by identifying, strategizing and ultimately solving your most difficult and challenging business problems with our Ai and ML products.

Our Ai and ML products are used by financial services to effectively:

  • Identify operational efficiencies
  • Mitigate risk with early fraud detection flags
  • Improve critical compliance processes and automatically identify weaknesses
  • Enhance informed and data-driven investment decisions aligned with desired portfolio characteristics


PortfolioAi enhances an investor's ability to make informed portfolio and allocation decisions and allows investment teams to focus on alpha-generating activities.



ContractAi reads and understands contractual language and clauses that are all-too-often inaccessible—giving you deep and detailed visibility into your supplier relationships while uncovering hidden risk.

You have data, we have solutions!

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