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The airline had insufficient insights into their customer base.

While they had many disparate customer, flight, etc., datasets, they struggled to organize data and analytics for marketing and customer service activities in a centralized manner.

The prior approach was limited by rules-based targeting and an inability to learn and adapt with unconnected technologies, analytics approaches and reporting systems.



ElectrifAi deployed and scaled an Ai-driven solution to 90M+ customers within 6 months. We created a 360° demographic and behavioral customer view with algorithms to maximize accuracy, fill gaps, uncover hidden information, and enhance understanding of trip attributes. With advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, we transformed campaign performance and customer service.

Our ML has enabled a suite of insights into customer needs, predicted actions and the campaign pipeline:

  • Segmentations for the whole customer base
  • Targeting of credit card types
  • Customer Revenue
  • Customer Experience and Disservice Score
  • Propensity to churn
  • Propensities to purchase miles, upgrade, opt for partner offers, add ancillary services


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