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The cruise line faced sagging acquisition rates, low website traffic and stagnant direct marketing performance, lagging behind industry benchmarks.

The existing approach was limited by rules-based targeting and episodic marketing campaigns. While many rich data sources existed internally, they were disparate and disconnected, providing limited knowledge of customer behavior and needs. The company lacked ‘built-in’ learning capability from data sources, resulting in unproven marketing ROI / rising costs, list fatigue challenges and longer timelines to scale use-cases.



ElectrifAi deployed and scaled an Ai-driven solution for 20M+ customers within 4 months.

ElectrifAi assembled a rich base of data such as historical bookings, campaign engagement, customer touch sensitivity, travel frequency, demographics, geo-spatial data, etc. into one aggregated data ecosystem. We then applied machine learning technology to distill customer “DNA” / hidden behavior drivers and combined a continuous flow of internal and external data to generate high precision and longitudinal customer targeting.

The solution transformed campaign performance and customer acquisition while easing operational bottlenecks of the campaign execution process. We maximized marketing ROI by making the offer to the right customer, at the right time and perpetuate it at the right frequency.

ElectrifAi further enabled roadmap to scale transformative use cases over time – such as churn propensity, spend stimulation, share-of-wallet etc. where we delivered predictive/prescriptive output for frontline action.



  • +60% increase in bookings
  • +55% increase in site visits
  • -10% Reduction in Opt-Outs

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