ElectrifAi | Large Public Pension Plan


One of the world’s largest and most admired public pension plans was struggling to aggregate their data, which was coming from dozens of disparate sources with vastly different schemas.

The pension plan had been compiling this data manually that resulted in months of delays impacting:

  • Performance reviews
  • Profit and loss calculations
  • Risk attributions
  • Asset allocation decisions

They needed to integrate and normalize data across multiple data sources to provide portfolio surveillance and risk monitoring of investments across multiple fund managers.



ElectrifAi partnered with the plan and used PortfolioAi to build a solution for over 100 users that:

  • Automated and standardized the plan's data ingestion and data quality management processes
  • Packaged data reports in a sophisticated interface with analytics and visualization tools
  • Automatically monitored risk through customized alerts


  • High-quality, standardized data that is automatically updated several times per day
  • Position-level transparency for effortless portfolio surveillance for over 100 portfolio managers
  • Same-day VaR and factors for long, short and net positions

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