Major cost reduction and restructuring initiative, BUT:

  • Poor visibility into spend (Current solution inaccurate and not insightful)
  • Over 100K contracts, but no visibility beyond basic fields in system
  • No way to track supplier contract adherence (e.g., volume discounts, overcharges etc.)
  • No way to assess supplier contract risk


  • Implemented Spend-Ai and Contract-Ai solutions
  • Leveraged advanced data science to provide unprecedented insight into missed opportunities
  • Merged information from spend and unstructured text within contracts to reconcile purchasing activity with contract terms


Additional Impact

  • Reduced off-contract spending by over 50%
  • Increased categorization accuracy by 21%
  • Identified opportunities to recapture lost savings from supplier non-adherence to contracts
  • Improved contract review time by over 90% while saving time and money
  • Able to assess riskiness of supplier contracts versus corporate standard and regulatory mandates

If you have data, we have a solution.

We have an array of ways we implement AI and ML to benefit your business. Oh and really smart folks to assist you along the way. Let us know what your interest is and we can talk.